Eleanor McKenzie, Manchester Together Archive Officer

Previous Staff: 

Jenny Marsden, Project Coordinator and Digital Archivist for the Manchester Together Archive 2019-2021

Jenny has a Masters in Archives and Records Management from University College London. Before starting work on the Manchester Together Archive she was the project coordinator and co-curator of the exhibition Kewpie: Daughter of District Six, a partnership between Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (Johannesburg) and the District Six Museum (Cape Town). She also co-curated the exhibition Behind the Warp: Women and Weaving at Rorke’s Drift, based on her work as project archivist on the Power, Gender and Community Art Archive held at the University of Johannesburg. Her previous experience includes work at the British Library and Queen Mary University of London Archives.

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Dr Kostas Arvanitis
Senior Lecturer in Museology
Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester